About MyDecisions

This website helps you to make an Advance Decision. It provides you with four scenarios in which you might want to refuse treatment. For each scenario, you will need to consider whether or not you would want to refuse treatment if you were in that situation.

Each scenario contains a refusal of all life-sustaining treatment. This means any treatments, procedures or interventions aimed at prolonging or artificially sustaining your life, and includes but is not limited to, resuscitation, artificial nutrition or hydration, breathing machines and antibiotics for life-threatening infections. Read more about life-sustaining treatment

There is also space for you to write your own refusal if you would like to, for example if you would like to refuse treatment in a scenario not already covered in this form, or if you would like to refuse treatment that is not considered life-sustaining, such as a blood transfusion or medications that you have experienced bad side-effects to.

There is detailed guidance throughout, which gives information on each topic and helps you to consider the scenarios. You can read the guidance by clicking on a blue word, like this, or by clicking on a question mark icon, like this .

For some questions you might want to think about your answer for a bit longer or discuss it with another person. For this reason you may not feel able to complete the form in one go. You can stop at any time and save the information you have entered. You can log back in to your account when you’re ready to continue.

When you have finished you need to print your Advance Decision and get it signed and witnessed. It will not be valid until you have done this.

There are three steps:
  1. Write: think about what you want to include in your Advance Decision, complete it using this form and then print it.
  2. Sign: Sign the Advance Decision and get it witnessed.
  3. Share: Give a copy to your GP and your family and friends, and to anyone else involved in your care.