When should I review my Advance Decision?

It is a good idea to review and re-sign your Advance Decision every two years. The more recent the signature, the more confident your healthcare team will be that what you have said in your Advance Decision is still what you want.

It is also a good idea to review and re-sign your Advance Decision if your health changes, or if you are going into hospital for treatment or surgery.

To review your Advance Decision you should read it and check you are happy with your decisions and the information it contains. If you are happy that it still reflects your wishes then you should sign and date it in the space provided. Once you have reviewed it you should give a copy of the updated version to anyone who you shared your original Advance Decision with.

If you would like to change the decisions in your form then you should make a new one. If you make changes to an existing form, it could make it hard for others to read. Filling out a new form will ensure that your wishes are clear and easy to follow. You will also need to make sure that all copies of your old Advance Decision have been destroyed (for example those held by your GP or family and friends).

You can cancel your Advance Decision completely by destroying it and telling anyone who has a copy to do the same.